Return of the Poll Tax

There has been a trend the last few years to place increasingly restrictive requirements on people attempting to vote. Many states have implemented voter identification at the polls and shortened the time that they are open. Their reasoning is to curb, in their words, rampant voter fraud; however, upon closer inspection any reasonable person must ask, “What fraud?” With millions of people casting ballots every year, voter fraud is all but non-existent. So, if there isn’t a problem then why implement such draconian restrictions? Perhaps one only has to look at who is being affected by the new rules: the poor, the elderly, minorities, just to name a few—all who generally vote for progressive candidates—and their motivation becomes clear. Is this just another attempt to rig the game in favor of a particular group of candidates?


Presidential Politics

This might not come as a surprise to some, but I believe that the Republican Party has been hijacked by a radical far right faction. I read an article the other day that described a meeting that took place the night Obama was inaugurated. At this little get-together, the fifteen or so Republican Congressmen and Senators laid out a plan to regain the power of the Presidency. They vowed to fight the duly elected President at every step and gridlock any progress he might propose. I’m sure these men felt they were doing the right thing; however, I think what they did—and have done—is treasonous. They swore an oath to defend this country yet they chose to chase personal power instead. They chose a path to benefit their own self-interests. These clowns should be run out of office and banned from ever holding public office again.

A Conservative’s Ideal World

Over the last thirty years, conservatism has steadily drifted right. Driven by the likes of Fox News and conservative talking heads on AM radio the emergence of this new radicalism has polarized this nation. I’m a firm believer in grass-roots political activism; however, I’m just a little skeptical as to the driving force behind the Tea-Party movement. On its face, it seems like a bona fide political movement; however, upon further review, it seems what started out as a grass-roots movement has now been co-opted by the Republican Party and their big business supporters. Working in the background, these so-called benefactors are pulling the strings of the Tea-Party groups and are instrumental in forming their message. These groups managed to elect supportive members at all levels of government throughout the country. They ran on a unified platform of job creation and limiting spending. However, now that they’re in office, their true agendas have become apparent. All the talk about jobs and the economy has been relegated to the back of the bus and their intent to reform social issues brought front and center.
Below is a prediction of what our country would look like if the Tea-Party has their way:
President Romney, at the behest of his primary advisor Rush Limbaugh, declared war on Canada today. At a press conference in the White House Romney explained that Canada’s socialistic government might spread over the border and corrupt our conservative principles. “We will not tolerate this insidious threat of socialized medicine and other leftist ideals,” said Romney when questioned after the news conference. He has ordered air strikes on critical command and control centers throughout the country. Speaking from an undisclosed location the Canadian Prime Minister could only mutter “what the fu…” before the news feed went dead.
Republican controlled House and Senate has put forth sweeping legislation. The following is just a sampling of the enacted changes:
Homosexuality is outlawed in the United States. Every American must immediately attest, under oath, to their heterosexuality and those that refuse will immediately have their property seized and be taken to one of the federal internment camps that have been setup across the nation. Here they will be subjected to intensive reorientation therapy using psychotropic drugs and pornography. Those that cannot be cured will be chemically neutered and reintroduced into society as eunuchs.
Abortions in all forms are outlawed. Under the threat of felony conviction, women must now register upon conception and send monthly reports to the newly formed Bureau of Propagation. Any doctor convicted of performing an abortion, or even talking to a patent about the option, faces harsh criminal penalties. Women who have miscarriages must prove that it was a natural biological occurrence. If not, they face the same penalties as doctors. Black market abortion clinics thrive, and unfortunately as a result, the death rate among young women skyrockets.
The U.S. Department of Education is eliminated leaving education decisions to local school boards with no federal accountability. Many Midwest and Southern school districts disband in favor of parochial education. Many make it illegal to teach evolution and instead mandate the teaching of intelligent design. United State ranks dead last in worldwide academic test scores. Critical thinking skills disappear.
NASA is eliminated. As explained by Senator Buford P. Dipshit, “nowhere in the Constitution or Bible does it say anything about space travel; therefore, it’s unconstitutional and immoral and has no place in our society.” Thousands of scientists immediately immigrate to Europe.
President Romney creates the Department of Morality and appoints Pat Robertson as its first director. He immediately censors the Internet so the only two websites that are available nationwide are Fox News and Nickelodeon. Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and hundreds of other high-tech companies relocate to other countries. Silicon Valley property values plummet and jobless rate in the country is now approaching 30%.
Immigration reforms are abandoned and all illegal aliens are deported. After the collapse of our agricultural industry, provisions are put in place to allow certain non-citizens back into the country to perform menial labor, however, these second-class individuals are required to be held in work camps and have no access to the general population. Hundreds die due to lack of healthcare, poor food and sanitation. Within weeks thousands return to their countries of origin and Mexico becomes our primary source for fruit and produce. California and Florida both file for bankruptcy. Food prices soar and many starve.
British Prime Minister sends terse message to President Romney to give Canada back. Romney refuses and recalls Ambassador. Great Britain declares war on the United States.
National Park Service is reorganized and thousands of long-term employees are laid off and the Disney Corporation is contracted to run operations. The wildlife in Yellowstone is replaced with animatronics facsimiles and the Grand Canyon is turned into an adventure ride. Numerous wilderness areas are opened to strip mining and clear cutting. With the elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency, corporations are free to do as they please. Hospitals are over capacity in many areas of the country due to pollution related medical emergencies. Poor air and water quality make certain areas of the country uninhabitable.
Energy corporation profits soar.
The Healthcare reform act is repealed and legislation is passed removing all regulations on the medical insurance industry. At last count, 75 million Americans are uninsured. Medical bankruptcies triple in as many months.
Many Tea Party organizers question the direction the country is going. Immediately they are branded unpatriotic and defunded by the Republican National committee.
The United States of America files for bankruptcy. All of its assets are sold at auction to Halliburton, The Carlyle Group, and Koch Industries.
Party over!

Affordable Care Act

The other day the Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act is, in fact, constitutional. My faith in the court was renewed on that day. Considering some of the boneheaded ruling of late, this was a refreshing outcome. Predictably the wacko right is apoplectic over the ruling, and especially because their perceived savior and fellow Teabagg’n compatriot Chief Justice Roberts wrote the ruling and was the deciding vote. Those on the right are running around claiming that this is the end of democracy and that after they elect Mitt, their first job will be to repeal the law. What the fuck is the matter with these people? By comparison, the President, at a press conference soon after the announcement, refrained from doing a victory lap or gloating but simply laid out the benefits for the American people. This is why elections matter! I know I only have one vote in a state where it really doesn’t matter. But I will continue to do everything in my power to see that President Obama is re-elected in the fall.

Our President needed one in the win column and he got it last Thursday.



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